Dec. 7 – Second Week – Sunday


Even though this is arguably the busiest time of the year, it is also a time for reflection and prayer. On this second Sunday of Advent reflect on your prayer life and what Christ means to you in your life. Where do you see the face of Christ in your life? How does the coming of Jesus Christ change how you live your life? God is someone who knows us, cares about us, desires to befriend us, seeks to comfort us, awaits us. Jesus shows us the face of God, a face that looks upon us with human eyes and divine love.

Take 5-15 minutes today for silence turning off all electronics – video games, cell phone, computer, etc. Just BE with God today.

Can you find all of the Advent words in our wordfind?

Quote of the day:
Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. ~ Francis Bacon

Gospel of the day: Mark 1:1-8